Picket Fence

picketTNT Fence Co. has a passion for hand-made decorative picket fencing. We LOVE picket fences and offer countless styles, many unique to only us. Our picket fences are made from the finest hand-selected lumber and assembled with care and attention. We’d be happy to work with you on designing a wooden picket fence.

The picket fence has been a New England favorite providing a subtle, but elegant statement. TNT Fence Co. offers 3 different types of Vinyl (PVC) Picket fencing: Contemporary, Traditional and Classic.

bulllet Contemporary Picket Fence
Contemporary picket fences are similar in design to the Traditional picket line of fencing. The basic difference lies in the method of assembly. The pickets of a contemporary picket fence go through the rail. This fabrication method makes a contemporary picket fence visually attractive from either side. Every picket on your contemporary picket fence is notched to prevent removal. The bottom of your fence consists of an aluminum reinforcement for added strength and durability.

bulllet Traditional Picket Fence
The traditional picket fence has been a New England favorite providing a subtle, but elegant statement. Pickets attach to the face of the 2’ x 3½’ top and bottom rails using a clip. We use a blind fastener, not visible from either side of the fence. This type of invisible system eliminates unsightly screws, plugs or caps normally used in picket fastening systems. Our system will not inhibit the upward or downward adjustment of the fence due to the grade of the property.

bulllet Classic Picket Fence
The classic picket fence is available in five different styles. Our classic design differs from the rest because we use a 2” x 6” ribbed, aluminum reinforced bottom rail. Every picket is notched to prevent removal. The size of each picket is 1½” square rather than the traditional or contemporary flat looking picket.

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